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About Chalked Occasions Decor

   February 2019 is when I started creating chalk designs on chalkboards. Since then, most of my projects had been created for myself or for family and friends until recently. As a 2021 New Year's Resolution, I decided to create a website showcasing my finished designs. That is when this business, Chalked Occasions Décor, was born. 

   Currently I provide chalked signs for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Graduations, and Baby Showers and even gifts for those events. 

   What is special about Chalked Occasions' signs compared to signs that are bought from a well know craft store? They are unique because they can be customized to your event. This means font style, color, size, and even which style board is custom! Each sign can be rented or purchased. This allows you not to have to sell your decor after your event. I do offer some pre-designs using a semi-permanent chalk, but most designs are now created using vinyl. This gives me more options to customize everything!

   Chalked Occasions also can make items using ink such as: shirts, pillows, and other items that would need ink.

   If you are looking for a sign for an event that I don't have listed, don't hesitate to reach out! I will try my best to get that design created for you! 

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